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Learn color coded Quran direct method.

Peace be upon you
Welcome to IIPC Canada’s Online University.

Details of this online course
* Fundamentals of Arabic grammar of Quran, based on the Color Coded Quran.
* The essences of the Quran, based on Lectures by Muhammad Shaikh.

Schedule / Timeline / Course Program
Date: 4th May 2024
Timing: According to your time zone.
* 3 classes per week.
* 4 semesters per year.
* Total 12 semesters.
* 3 years online course.

Outcome / Achievement / Scope
* Students will be able to translate the whole Quran effortlessly.
* Along with in-depth understanding of the topics from the Quran.
* Certificates will be issued to make the graduates official members, so they can become Muslims / Submitters for Allah.

Learning Tools
* Online Student portal
* Color Coded Quran – Book of Allah
* Assignments
* Quizes

Prerequisites to join:
* Age: 13+
* Must know how to read Arabic Quran.

Each family member should register individually.

The Book of Allah, is a guidance for all mankind, this only Book of God guides us in all aspects of life.
IIPC Canada has taken up the responsibility of bring this Book to the masses so that we all can lead a life based on this glorious Book. There are many topics in our video lecture library, these lectures are delivered by Muhammad Shaikh in a span of last 30 years.